We’re a Full-Scale Global Toy Company

  • Product Development

    As toy industry veterans, our in-house design team and extensive community of inventors bring new ways of delivering play.

  • In-House Design Capabilities / IP Creation

    Our expert team has launched brands in every toy category, including vehicles, arts & crafts, games, licensed collectibles, electronic toys and fashion dolls.

  • Vertically Integrated

    With fully integrated manufacturing, distribution and marketing capabilities, we are a rapidly growing force in the global toy marketplace.

  • Global Sales and Distribution

    With a full sales team for domestic and international markets, we can serve mass retail distribution around the world.

  • Integrated Marketing

    Innovation is found not just in our products, but in our digital and social-first promotion efforts as well, rapidly scaling marketing capabilities for our brands.

  • Consumer Insights

    As a consumer insights-driven company, our 20k+ FunLab members help propel everything we do— from developing product concepts to promoting our brands.

  • Far Out Studios

    We promote new brands with original content relevant to today’s kids and tailored for the formats they are watching, from TV to social media platforms.

  • E-Commerce

    Our digital content and promotions drive awareness that sends customers to online stores, including Amazon, Walmart.com and Target.com.

Meet Our Executive Team

  • Keith Meggs

    Founder & CEO

  • Simon Waldron

    Sr. Vice President of Marketing

  • Tommy Wong

    Vice President of Engineering

  • Alexandra Boekelheide

    Vice President of Sales

  • Sharon Zuckerman

    Design Director

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